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Safety, Quality and Productivity

At EMCOR, we are passionate about safety and quality, and it’s that passion that enables us to operate a highly productive workplace.

Since 2003, EMCOR has dramatically reduced injuries and improved the safety of all of the company’s work sites through a combination of initiatives and unrelenting focus on ensuring that workers return home each day safe and uninjured. EMCOR's two signature programs, the Zero Accident Program and the Changing the Way We Work Program, educate workers about complying with safety practices while maximizing the quality of their work. As a result, we have reduced injuries by a remarkable 66% since 2003.

The quality of these programs has been recognized by the CNA Insurance Company, which in 2009 selected EMCOR as the first recipient of its Chairman's Safety Innovation Award. The award commends an organization for exceptional safety performance and commitment to safety and accident reduction. This award is just one of the ways in which EMCOR has distinguished itself in the construction industry as an innovative leader and employer.

In addition, we have a dedicated web portal for employees that focuses on health and safety issues. This portal houses our Safety Training and Resource (STaR) page and several publications dedicated to promoting our safety culture. We also have a pandemic flu portal and related publications to keep employees abreast of health developments and preventative measures they can take to maintain their own safety on the job and at home.


Be There For Life Zero Accident Program

When it comes to safety, EMCOR has only one goal: Zero Accidents.

EMCOR's Be There For Life (BTFL) Zero Accident Program is a key component of the company’s safety culture. It connects work activities with key lifetime events in order to effect changes in safety behavior. This signature safety program has enabled us to make substantial progress towards our goal of eliminating all injuries and has helped us to maintain a total recordable injury rate that is substantially below industry averages. 

Through BTFL, as well as other publications, we deliver our message of safety to employees both at work and at home.  As a result, since the program was launched in 2003, we have reduced employee injuries by 66%. Our 2010 OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) was 1.57, our lowest rate on record and a reduction of 5% from our 2009 rate.

Change The Way We Work Program (CW3)

The CW3 Program enables our operating companies to collaborate with one another by sharing information about good work practices and new products and processes that have been proven to reduce risk, improve quality, and satisfy customers.

The program addresses specific work groups through communications tools that include Productivity Plus Roadshows, Productivity Champions, and a SuperVISION class. It also leverages the Productivity Plus publications that are distributed monthly by EMCOR's Safety & Quality Management Department. The publications disseminate knowledge and best practices across all EMCOR operating companies by describing in detail the safety, quality, and productivity benefits of selected products and processes—including critical return-on-investment (ROI) criteria.

Together, these tools provide employees with valuable education and information they can use immediately to improve their work methods, environments, and project outcomes. The company has reduced recordable injuries by 55% since beginning this effort in 2005.


Lean Operations

EMCOR was a pioneer, and continues to be an industry-leading expert, in the use of the "Lean Operations" model for effective facilities management. While “Lean Management” was originally developed in the manufacturing sector to eliminate waste and increase efficiencies during the production process, the application of its principles to facilities management is just as relevant and represents a new frontier in this space. First developed by EMCOR Facilities Services on behalf of one of its clients, this model provides a more formal, systematic approach to facilities management that increases accountability, ROI, and productivity in EMOCR's delivery of services to the campus headquarters under its management.

Business Continuity

EMCOR requires its operating companies to have business continuity plans in place in order to prepare for natural and man-made events that may impact business activities. Our goal is to be prepared for catastrophic events so that we  can respond quickly to employee and customer needs. All EMCOR operating companies are required to review, test and, if necessary, adjust their plans annually.

The Fleet & Driver Program

Introduced in 1999, the Fleet & Driver Program includes two important components:

Driver’s Alert, through which EMCOR monitors driver behavior to identify areas of risk and correct them before an accident or more serious incident occurs. In addition, decals on fleet vehicles invite members of the public to comment on our drivers’ behavior and practices. The Driver’s Alert Program is a proven tool for changing driver behavior.

GPS Insight, which monitors vehicles and drivers in real time. This program provides real-time vehicle usage (speed over posted speed, after hours usage, "geo-fencing") and manufacturer recall / diagnostic code notifications to approximately 2,000 vehicles, or about 25% of our fleet.

The Fleet & Driver program also includes requirements for motor-vehicle record checks and defensive-driving training. Both Driver Alert and GPS Insight are important tools to safeguard our assets and protect our shareholders, management, employees, other road users and members of the public against the inappropriate, illegal, or dangerous use of company vehicles.

EMCOR reviews these programs each year to ensure it continues to meet the needs of EMCOR’s growing fleet and the expectations of shareholders, employees, and the public at large.

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