ACE (Architecture, Construction & Engineering) Mentor Program

ACE's mission is to expose high school students to real-world career opportunities in architecture, construction, engineering and related areas of the design/build and construction services industry.

At EMCOR, we support the ACE Mentor Program coast-to-coast with many of our employees volunteering their time as mentors or board members of local affiliates.

On a national level, even our President and CEO Tony Guzzi participates on the Executive Committee.

Research proves it ACE works.

  • ACE participants graduate high school at a greater rate than non-ACE participants.
  • ACE participants attend college at a higher rate than their non-ACE counterparts.
  • Female ACE participants enter college engineering programs at double the national rate of non-ACE students.
  • ACE increases diversity in architecture, construction and engineering program enrollment.
  • More minorities are enrolled in ACE than other afterschool programs.
  • ACE alumni "give back" and volunteer more than their non-ACE counterparts.
  • More low-income students are enrolled in ACE than other afterschool programs.
  • Nearly 10% of all 2009 college freshmen who intended to enroll in architecture programs are ACE Mentor Program alumni. Of the ACE students, the minority mix (Asian, African American and Hispanic) was 2 - 4 times greater than for national freshmen, who are 70% Caucasian.
  • The ACE Program attracts more African-American and Hispanic freshmen into civil, mechanical and electrical engineering programs.
  • ACE students tell us the experience gives them an edge over their non-ACE counterparts.

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