Livermore, CA





Our advanced energy-efficient designs resulted in utility rebates of over $120K and annual energy savings of $175K per year.


Value Delivered

Air Systems, an EMCOR Company, provided mechanical system installations for the renovation and expansion of Building 6 at FormFactor’s global headquarters in Livermore, CA.

Air Systems incorporated highly advanced energy-efficient designs and new rotary wheel technology for dehumidification, which was the first time this type of system had been installed in California. The design resulted in utility rebates of over $120K and annual energy savings of $175K per year.

Project delivery was on time, on budget, and exceeded the client’s objectives in the green building facility design.

Client Objectives

FormFactor wanted to transform one of the buildings at their corporate campus into a highly productive, energy-efficient semiconductor facility, with an eye towards cutting energy and operational costs. They requested that two clean rooms be designed without a raised floor and with an open, ballroom design for the first room and a bay-and-chase design for the second one.

Project Solutions

Air Systems assembled teams of as many as 70 highly skilled and experienced technicians and dedicated more than 50,000 man-hours to the project.

Air Systems’ work featured the design and installation of an energy-efficient HVAC system with N+1 redundancy. They also developed the “basis of design” documents for the building’s process piping, which carried nitrogen, compressed air, processed cooling water, and deionized water, as well as a vacuum system.

To further reduce energy consumption and costs, Air Systems equipped the facility with an advanced building automation system. Ultimately, the mechanical systems installed will provide year-over-year reduction in energy and operational costs.

The full scope of work included the following:

  • Commercial HVAC design-build services
    • N+1 redundancy
    • Chilled and heated water
    • Process exhaust systems
  • Electrical design-build services
    • Power expansion
  • Plumbing
  • Building automation
  • Process piping

Client Background

As a mission critical supplier to chipmakers FormFactor is a leader in advanced wafer probe card design and technology.