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To apply for any of these positions below, please visit the EMCOR Group site, search on the job title mentioned below and fill out the application.

Mobile (Maintenance) Mechanic

The Mobile Mechanic will be responsible for the operation, replacement, repair, and maintenance of all HVAC related mechanical, electrical, control systems, air handling units, pumps, heat exchangers, expansion joints, hot/cold water lines, plumbing, electric motors, and other various building mechanical and electrical systems.

  • Makes adjustments and repairs to HVAC, plumbing, and electrical; architectural and structural building components; interior and entrance doors and related components; floor systems, roof systems, and windows.
  • Performs preventative maintenance functions which include but are not limited to filters, cooling towers, heating and cooling coils, cleaning floor drains, rigging chillers, plate heat exchangers, etc.

Sales Estimator

Assists with estimates based on plans and specifications for large commercial projects.

  • Assists with estimation of jobs based on plans and specifications for bidding.
  • Assists with all equipment and supplies required to complete a project.

Maintenance Technician

Performs support for general building operations. Performs Operations & Maintenance (O&M) electrical and mechanical inspection and maintenance on equipment utilizing results oriented strategies to ensure continuing operation. Uses experience and technical skills with preventive maintenance and system operations to determine service requirements.

  • Performs mechanical work required for installation and maintenance of equipment, systems, and facilities in accordance with diagrams, sketches, operation manuals, and manufacturer's specifications.
  • Performs daily operation, inspects, maintains, repairs or assists in the repairs of the building's Energy Management System & Building Automation System, and the Fire Safety System when required. Must also stay educated on the operation of these systems either through manuals or service representatives training, when provided.

Site Manager

This position is responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating activities of area sites to ensure that client's needs are met and/or exceeded by performing the following duties personally or through subordinate supervisors.

  • Manages the workload to an established budget.
  • Maintains the site process manuals and ensures compliance to SOPs.
  • Manages the site HR process and submits completed reviews on time.

HVAC Technicians

Performs preventive maintenance, troubleshoots and repairs, specializing in HVAC equipment and performs preventive maintenance and repairs to boilers and chillers by self-performing or coordinating subcontracting of the following duties.

  • Maintains and repairs building's HVAC systems, including replacing worn or defective parts, such as switches, fuses, contacts, motors, wiring, etc.
  • Performs preventative maintenance tasking on HVAC equipment i.e., spring & fall start-ups, cleaning coils and changing filters.
  • Performs other general maintenance duties such as repairs to building's HVAC and electrical systems, paint drywall, concrete, including replacing worn or defective parts such as switches, ballasts, lamps, and fuses.

Facility Manager

Assumes the overall responsibility for the 24/7 hotel maintenance operations and management of the day-to-day tactical operations. Administers all facility management, safety and daily operations of the hotel systems within the site. Plan, directs and coordinates all personnel performing PM and repairs on the following systems: main HVAC plant, electrical, kitchen equipment, refrigeration, guest rooms, pneumatic, DDC control systems, etc.

  • Review facility management practices throughout the corporation and develop standards of performance to ensure cost-effective operations at all sites, whether or not they are directly managed by your staff.
  • Plan and manage the entire building maintenance and repairs for the Lockheed Martin Center for Leadership Excellence Hotel & Conference Center along with the HVAC systems at the Lockheed Martin headquarters facility.
  • Areas of responsibility include all preventive and reactive building and site maintenance and services including pest control, trash removal, water treatment services, and execution of small to mid-size capital projects.