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---Fourth Award Recognizes EMCOR’s Outstanding Efforts for Safety Innovation in the Construction and Service Industries---

NORWALK, CONNECTICUT, January 24, 2019 – EMCOR Group, Inc. (NYSE: EME), a Fortune 500® leader in mechanical and electrical construction, energy infrastructure and building services for a diverse range of businesses, today announced it received a fourth safety award in recent years from commercial insurance leader CNA for the company’s outstanding efforts promoting safety innovation in the construction and services industries. The award was presented at EMCOR’s 2019 Safety Conference in Orlando, Florida; Tony Guzzi, Chairman, President and CEO of EMCOR Group, Inc. and Matthew Pierce, EMCOR’s Vice President for Safety, Quality and Productivity, accepted the award from CNA Assistant Vice President, Risk Control, Brian Roberts and Jay Karamanol, CNA’s Risk Control Consulting Director.


“CNA is proud to recognize EMCOR as a four-time Safety Award recipient for its exceptional safety record and commitment to safety innovation,” said Brian Roberts. EMCOR was first recognized with the CNA Chairman's Award in 2009 for its Be There For Life, Zero Injury Program, as well as a second time in 2013 for its innovative Changing The Way We Work Program (CW3). In 2016 EMCOR received a third award for its Good Work Practices (GWP) as well as its ability to recognize and tackle industry problems. “One of the key reasons EMCOR’s safety, quality and productivity performance consistently leads the industry is its ever present safety innovation—the reason why we’re excited to make EMCOR a safety award recipient for a fourth time.”


"We’re extremely gratified to be recognized by CNA, once again, for our innovative approach to safety, quality, and productivity," remarked Tony Guzzi, Chairman, President and CEO of EMCOR “Safety is a strategic imperative for EMCOR, a cornerstone of our corporate culture, and one of our Company’s core values. We are committed to the principle that safety is a required focal point at each and every job site and a cultural value at the top of EMCOR and throughout our operations. Keeping our employees safe is a tremendous part of who we are and what we do.”


Matthew Pierce, EMCOR’s Vice President, Safety, Quality and Productivity, added, “To be a leader in today’s construction and services industries means recognizing the unique challenges to a modern safety program and then moving to address those challenges. Innovation is consistently required to continue making progress to prevent all injuries. We strive for continuous improvement and safety excellence because customers demand it, employees and shareholders expect it, and because it is the right thing to do.”