Building Automation & Controls

MAC_SS_07162019_0473_350.jpgA building controlled by a Building Automation System is often referred to as an intelligent or "smart” building. The buildings are considered smart because building automation systems proactively automate various tasks, including maintaining building climates within a specified range, lighting rooms based on an occupancy schedule, monitoring performance and device failures in all systems, and providing critical malfunction alarms—thereby helping to reduce building energy and maintenance costs as much as 30 percent.

For clients looking to maximize their facilities management capabilities, building automation systems are well worth the investment. EMCOR Group pulls from an extensive nationwide network of operating companies to provide top-of-the-line automation services. From design, installation, and retrofits to 24/7 facilities and systems management, our teams offer brand-neutral building automation services enhanced by our relationships with many top manufacturers.

Smart Buildings. Smart Decisions.

shutterstock_255038101_350.jpgThe benefits of building automation systems are many and varied. They free up time for facilities managers, allowing them to handle critical tasks and evaluate usage for long-term initiatives. And with instant access to a high-volume of 24/7 data, facilities managers can make proactive decisions to enhance operations.

Oftentimes, these decisions are informed by the building automation system, which can automate your HVAC systems to run based on a specific time of day, by how much your facility is being used, in response to pre-programed environmental conditions, or by a more sophisticated set of data points that responds to an aggregate of these criteria.

Installation that’s Seamless—and Brand Neutral

For clients looking to integrate existing systems, we provide brand-neutral service and installation for seamless implementation. By utilizing Open Protocol in our solutions, we can integrate automation systems at virtually any stage of the process. Plus, our relationships with leading manufacturers allow us to solve compatibility issues quickly and without interruption.

After installation, we can provide dedicated maintenance and monitoring. We offer objective, non-partial service for systems from an array of manufacturers. Factory-certified automation technicians and electricians can also provide ongoing technical support to keep your automation running smoothly—so you can continue to reap the benefits.

Flexible Solutions to Save Money

The flexibility of building automation systems allows the creation of an indoor climate solution that helps save you money while enhancing the controlled comfort of your facilities.

If your building is operating with little-to-no occupancy—or if the typical occupants are working remotely—with appropriate sensors and set points, your building automation system can detect when and where people are using a building and operate HVAC and lighting accordingly.

A Wide Array of Automation & Mechanical Services

  • Controls & Automation Services
    • Complete system design and integration
    • Installation
    • Programming
    • Networking
    • Start-up/commissioning
    • Customized projects
    • Preventive and emergency maintenance
    • Design-build
    • Energy management and saving services
    • Engineering and construction
    • Custom data tracking, analysis, reporting
    • Remote monitoring
  • Mechanical Services
    • Customized maintenance programs
    • HVAC

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