Safety, Quality & Productivity

EMCOR and its 80+ operating companies believe that only by integrating safety, quality, and productivity can we provide the high-quality services expected of us. Striving for an injury-free environment is a company-wide core value. To that end, as part of our Be Vigilant! program, we continue to alert our employees to the potential for injuries at every turn.


EMCOR's safety performance consistently remains strong year after year with a current Incident Rate that is 52-percent lower than our competitors (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Industry Average for Specialty Contractors NAICS 2382, 2022). For 15 consecutive years, our incident rate has been less than half the industry average.

The performance has been recognized by the CNA Insurance Company and many others as an industry standard-setter.

One reason is our intense focus on good work practice to reduce the inherent risk in our work environment and prevent risky behavior. Good performance is achieved when this message is reinforced with our effective and ongoing safety reminder campaign— this time reminding our employees to BE VIGILANT, and that injuries don’t announce…they pounce.


EMCOR companies collaborate through the Productivity Plus Program to share information about new products and processes that have been proven to work.

Productivity Plus publications distribute this knowledge by detailing the product or process; outlining the safety, quality, and productivity benefits; and explaining investment and payback criteria.


At EMCOR, productivity isn't about shortcuts – it's about creating the right conditions for schedules and plans to be completed on time or with time advantage.

This includes pre-planning, setup, deploying trained workers with the right tools and equipment, as well as the correct degree of instruction and supervision.

The integration of safety, quality and productivity has successfully reduced injuries and injury costs while improving quality and productivity. This makes EMCOR one of the safest and most efficient specialty contractors in the world – and the right choice for your next commercial construction and facilities services project.