Contact the Board of Directors

Stockholders and other parties interested in communicating directly with the members of the Board of Directors as a group, or with any one or more members of the Board (including non-management directors as a group), may do so by writing to the Board of Directors or such member or members of the Board, c/o EMCOR Group, Inc., 301 Merritt Seven, Norwalk, Connecticut 06851, Attention: Corporate Secretary.

Copies of all such correspondence will be forwarded by the Corporate Secretary to the members of the Board of Directors unless the communication is directed to only certain Board members, in which case it shall be forwarded to only those directors to whom the communication is addressed.

However, the Corporate Secretary will not forward communications to the Board that advocate illegal activity, are offensive or lewd, have no relevance to the business or operations of the Company, or constitute mass mailings, solicitations or advertisements. The Corporate Secretary will determine when a communication is not to be forwarded.