Board Committees

EMCOR Group Leaders

EMCOR Group's board committees help to solidify EMCOR's position as a leading provider of commercial building construction, facilities management, and energy services and solution.

Board of Directors

Anthony J. Guzzi – Chairman
M. Kevin McEvoy -- Lead Director

John W. Altmeyer
Richard F. Hamm, Jr.
David H. Laidley
Carol P. Lowe
William P. Reid
Steven B. Schwarzwaelder
Robin Walker-Lee


Audit Committee

David H. Laidley, Chairman

Richard F. Hamm, Jr.
Carol Lowe
View our Audit Committee Charter.
View our Complaint Procedures for Accounting and Auditing Matters.


Compensation and Personnel Committee

John W. Altmeyer, Chairman

M. Kevin McEvoy
Steven B. Schwarzwaelder
View our Compensation and Personnel Committee Charter.


Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee

Richard F. Hamm, Jr., Chairman

M. Kevin McEvoy
Robin Walker-Lee
​​​​​​​View our Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Charter.