Andrew (Andy) G. Backman

Vice President,
Investor Relations

Andy is responsible for building, maintaining, and further expanding EMCOR’s relationships with the investment community, including current and prospective investors and analysts, in addition to corporate leadership peers and Board members.

He is a global financial and operational corporate communications executive with deep experience in all aspects of the business life cycle - from initial public offerings through corporate restructurings.

Throughout his extensive career, Andy has supported high-profile companies in more than a dozen different industries, including telecom equipment / services / products, financial services, industrial infrastructure and construction, commercial real estate finance including REITs, insurance, medical / biotech, alternative energy, among others. 

Andy’s developed, implemented, and led comprehensive strategic and award-winning investor relations programs for companies with diverse corporate structures and was a key player in two historic, multi-billion-dollar initial public offerings.

Andy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Boston College and is also a graduate of AT&T/Lucent Technologies’ Financial Leadership Program, a competitive and prestigious two-year rotational and academic program for the highest performing finance and accounting executives.

Outside of work, Andy enjoys golfing, skiing, hiking, and participating in Spartan and other obstacle and endurance races.