John C. Lawson

Vice President
Risk Management

John is responsible for development, recommendation, and administration of the risk management programs, in an effort to maintain maximum protection of the corporation’s assets.

He acts as the primary resource for the establishment of standards and policy for the evaluation of risk during the insurance and claims process. He also serves as President of Defender Indemnity Limited, EMCOR’s wholly owned captive insurance company subsidiary.

John has over 30 years of insurance, claims, and risk management expertise and joined EMCOR in early 2019. Prior to joining EMCOR, John was the Director of Casualty Insurance for Occidental Petroleum Corporation, where he also served as Vice President and Alternate Director of Opcal Insurance, Inc., a wholly owned captive insurance company subsidiary.

His career in insurance and risk management began with Employers Casualty Company, Hartford Insurance Group, and CNA Insurance Group. After several years in positions of progressing responsibility in the insurance company environment, he joined Halliburton Company and ultimately became Global Insurance Services Manager. John also held the position of Director of Risk Management for Key Energy Services and Noble Corporation, where he also served as President of Resolute Insurance Limited, a wholly owned captive insurance company subsidiary. Additionally, John has served as Vice President of Enterprise Risk Management & Safety for Goodman Global Group.

John attended Texas Tech University and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. He holds several risk management and insurance certifications, including RIMS Certified Risk Management Professional (RIMS-CRMP), Associate in Enterprise Risk Management (ARM-E), Associate in Claims Management (AIC-M) and the Bermuda OIL Technical Accreditation (OTA). John has been recognized for progressing the risk and insurance management processes and was awarded the Alexander Hamilton Gold Award by Treasury and Risk Management magazine for Excellence in Insurance Management.

John enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, golfing, and participating in church and community activities.